Web Design & Development

Is your website embarrassing and underperforming? It's okay, we've probably seen worse. We can rebuild it for you so it looks better and performs better.
A good website design should quickly make a strong impression. Like this delicious fruit...
Step 1

Deep Dive: 20,000 Leagues Into your Site

Prepare the oxygen tanks! Because we're about to do a deep dive into your brand. We'll learn everything about you, your business, and create a visually stunning & user-friendly design that captures your essence and WOWs your audience.

Step 2

Grab the Welding Torches & Circular Saw

Time for us to grab the tools and start building! Our developers will bring your design to life with clean, optimized code, ensuring top functionality across all devices and browsers. We focus on speed, security, and user experience. Magnifiqué.

Step 3

In it for the Long Haul

You don't launch a space shuttle and then go to Happy Hour. Similarly, we don't just launch and leave. Our team provides ongoing maintenance, updates, and optimizations to keep your site running smoothly and performing at its best!

Web Design & Development Toolbox

Marrying your channels with our superpowers

Houses are built from wood (usually). Websites are built from code. But like a house, where you source that code from and how it's arranged can make a big difference in your ease of maintenance.


It's been there forever, and it's not going anywhere. Tried and tested with a massive support community, WordPress is still a great choice for site builds.


Make cool website! This website was made in Webflow, as a matter of fact. It lets you do all sorts of nifty stuff.


Build on Shopify and your store is on its way to scale city, baby! Shopify puts all the most bleeding edge e-commerce tools at your fingertips.


Figma or GT*O. Figma has surpassed Adobe to be the gold standard for design collaboration, and is what we use in all of our design engagements.


Evolved far beyond its original conception as a templated designer, SquareSpace is an excellent choice for businesses that want an easily maintainable site.


Originally thought to be a SquareSpace clone, Wix stands on its own as an excellent choice for a differentiated website.


Flexible and powerful, Joomla is suitable for more complex websites. It offers extensive customization and a variety of extensions.


Another excellent option for e-commerce, especially for larger stores with a significant number of products and complex requirements.


Highly customizable and scalable, making it suitable for large websites and complex projects that require extensive content management and flexibility.


Digital solutions for every niche

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At Equicity, we are able to intelligently tailor our comprehensive marketing solutions to countless niche industries.

Our expertise spans far beyond the fields of SEO, paid advertising, and lead generation — we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver personalized strategies that drive measurable results and foster business growth.

Plus, with our flexible month-to-month agreements, you can be confident in our commitment to your ongoing success.

Comprehensive Strategy Development

Our team begins with a thorough analysis of your business and industry. We develop customized strategies that align with your unique goals, whether it's SEO, paid advertising, social media management, web design, or lead generation. Our holistic approach ensures every aspect of your marketing works together seamlessly.

Performing an Audit

We will analyze your performance and come to understand your business as well as you do.

Developing a Strategy

With our audit performed, we'll use the uncovered insights to develop your ideal strategy.

Executing the Strategy

Maybe your strategy involves a surge of blogs. Or perhaps we need to develop engaging brand videos forTikTok. And maybe you even need to start with the design and development of a brand new site. Whatever it is, we're going to follow our strategy blueprint like a talented pianist follows their sheet music — playing a beautiful symphony of marketing and results for you.

Executing our line items

Each contract with Equicity contains line items that line up with our strategy. We always deliver what we say we will.

Being your vigilant eyes

Even if it's outside our lane, we'll always speak up if we notice an anomaly, recommend wee pivot or see an opportunity.

Driving Performance with Data

Every good marketer is obsessed with data. Obsessions can be scary, but we like to use the term "healthily interested." Ongoing into the future, we'll always be looking to iterate and optimize our campaigns. You can count on us to continue driving growth through ups and downs. Marketing is a long-term activity, and we're a long-term kind of agency.

Assessing monthly performance

Marketing is an iterative process. We take inventory monthly on our performance and look for areas of improvement.

Planning your business' next chapter

With marketing fueling your growth, we'll shape your business' the next chapter and plan the campaigns to get you there!

Services related to Web Design & Development

We commonly package this service with a mix of the following:

Inbound Marketing

Originally coined by HubSpot, Inbound Marketing focuses on developing super-optimized conversion funnels for Awareness, Consideration, & Decision sales stages.

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Marketing Consultation

Let's have a heart to heart on marketing. We'll be here to help make sure that you're executing your strategy effectively and making great decisions.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimizes your website's technical and content factors, boosting visibility to attract more traffic by targeting idea keywords.

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Notorious for being a fiercely competitive space for leads, Equicity executed an explosive campaign for a local Snohomish County roofing company that led to over a 250% ROAS across multiple Google Ad campaigns. Learn more about how we did it here.

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