Social Media Management

Social media is hard to manage. That's why our managed social media services make it easy for you to set your content strategy and let us execute.
Elevate your brand's presence on ALL the platforms!
Step 1

Audit your channels and develop a strategy

We'll start out with a robust audit of your current social media presence across all channels, even if that means "no" presence. We'll analyze your audience, engagement, and content to develop a tailored strategy that achieves your business goals.

Step 2

Curating and creating content that connects

With a strategy set in place, we'll develop content that connects you with your audience. From enthralling visuals to engaging copy, Equicity ensures your brand message is delivered consistently and seamlessly across all platforms.

Step 3

Engaging with your audience and reporting

Our team actively engages with your audience, helping to foster a loyal community of authentic connections. All the while, we keep our eyes on the key tracking metrics and provide detailed reports to benchmark success and guide future strategies.

Social Media Management Toolbox

Marrying your channels with our superpowers

Many tools of the trade when it comes to social. Here's a look at what's in our toolchest.


Not a bee and not a wrestler. BuzzSumo teaches us what's trending so we can harness it for you.

Google Business Profile

If you've got a local business, you NEED your Google Business Profile looking sharp. We have a long history of doing that for folks.

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a tool that overlays on top of Google Analytics and many other sources. It's got a friendly user interface and lots of other bells and whistles.


The one that started it all. A valuable platform for business connection and more.


The friendly owl who manages the scheduling for all of your posts!


Market all the things!


LinkedIn is a great place for our B2B clients, helping drive professional connections.


Visually share your brand's story and foster a loyal audience.


With the right strategy and budget, Pinterest can be quite a brand boon.


As a social community, Reddit is a great opportunity for businesses to generate powerful engagement.

Sprout Social

Gives us an advanced view of engagement metrics, opportunities, and much more.

X (Twitter...?)

You say tomato... It's X. It's Twitter. It's a place to go viral.


The number one way to shorten your attention span... and grow your following.


The OG and biggest name in video entertainment. A great place for your brand to develop diehard patrons.

Google Analytics

The one, the only, Google Analytics. We'll use it to learn all kinds of things about your target audience and track our progress.


Digital solutions for every niche

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At Equicity, we are able to intelligently tailor our comprehensive marketing solutions to countless niche industries.

Our expertise spans far beyond the fields of SEO, paid advertising, and lead generation — we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver personalized strategies that drive measurable results and foster business growth.

Plus, with our flexible month-to-month agreements, you can be confident in our commitment to your ongoing success.

Comprehensive Strategy Development

Our team begins with a thorough analysis of your business and industry. We develop customized strategies that align with your unique goals, whether it's SEO, paid advertising, social media management, web design, or lead generation. Our holistic approach ensures every aspect of your marketing works together seamlessly.

Performing an Audit

We will analyze your performance and come to understand your business as well as you do.

Developing a Strategy

With our audit performed, we'll use the uncovered insights to develop your ideal strategy.

Executing the Strategy

Maybe your strategy involves a surge of blogs. Or perhaps we need to develop engaging brand videos forTikTok. And maybe you even need to start with the design and development of a brand new site. Whatever it is, we're going to follow our strategy blueprint like a talented pianist follows their sheet music — playing a beautiful symphony of marketing and results for you.

Executing our line items

Each contract with Equicity contains line items that line up with our strategy. We always deliver what we say we will.

Being your vigilant eyes

Even if it's outside our lane, we'll always speak up if we notice an anomaly, recommend wee pivot or see an opportunity.

Driving Performance with Data

Every good marketer is obsessed with data. Obsessions can be scary, but we like to use the term "healthily interested." Ongoing into the future, we'll always be looking to iterate and optimize our campaigns. You can count on us to continue driving growth through ups and downs. Marketing is a long-term activity, and we're a long-term kind of agency.

Assessing monthly performance

Marketing is an iterative process. We take inventory monthly on our performance and look for areas of improvement.

Planning your business' next chapter

With marketing fueling your growth, we'll shape your business' the next chapter and plan the campaigns to get you there!

Services related to Social Media Management

We commonly package this service with a mix of the following:

Marketing Consultation

Let's have a heart to heart on marketing. We'll be here to help make sure that you're executing your strategy effectively and making great decisions.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation's the name, filling your pipeline is the game. We employ a mixture of tactics to get you the leads you need — STAT.

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Paid Advertising

Unlock targeted advertising with multi-channel campaigns. Boost visibility, expand reach via paid social, and collaborate with partners for scalable growth.

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Expand your knowledge with tips

Biting off More than You Can Chew

It's great to be omnipresent, but let's not go from 0 social networks to ALL of them. Pick 1 or 2 that you know you can commit to regularly engaging with, and let's expand from there. Baby steps first!

Don't Buy Followers

Come on, buying friends is just a bad look. It's sad. Let people see the real YOU (and your business) and we'll let the tribe find YOU — you don't want to be paying for 1,000's of followers because the social networks monitor who actually engages with your content anyway. 500 authentic followers always beats 5,000 bots.

Social Media Benefits Organic Search

Want to primarily do SEO instead of social media? They have a synergistic effect, you know. The algorithm can see the traffic coming from social media networks and reads it as a popularity signal. Consider co-investing in a modest social media approach to boost your organic SEO efforts too.

Featured case study

Maximizing campaign efficiency for a local roofer

Notorious for being a fiercely competitive space for leads, Equicity executed an explosive campaign for a local Snohomish County roofing company that led to over a 250% ROAS across multiple Google Ad campaigns. Learn more about how we did it here.

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